The Quality Enhancement Cell at FJWU envisions attaining the highest level of quality
assurance in higher education and research by ensuring innovation, inclusivity and excellence in
teaching and research.

To uphold the highest standards of teaching, research and administration by establishing a
comprehensive quality assurance system for academic and administrative excellence based on
informed decisions, continuous assessment and quality compliance at par with national and
international accreditation standards, thereby positioning the university as a benchmark for
excellence in women’s education while facilitating the professional development of faculty and
● Develop policies and procedures and ensure their implementation for an efficient quality
assurance mechanism
● Maintain and enhance academic standards through monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
● Verify existing programs to ensure they meet their objectives and institutional goals
● Provide constructive feedback for quality assurance of academic programs
● Present academic programs for review by the various governing and accreditation bodies
for each discipline and implement a robust program of evaluation
● Develop and implement strategic plans aligned with the vision and mission of the
● Keeping the Higher Education Commission updated on all performance indicators
● Maintaining the data repository
● Initiating the ever-evolving educational trends and technologies for capacity building of
faculty, staff and students at FJWU